Tips For Personal Safety At Festivals


As much fun as festivals can be, there is always the risk of danger. Given the circumstances, it’s ultimately an unpredictable event. Yes, for the most part they come and go without incident, but it’s not just the large-scale danger that should be a concern. Personal safety at festivals also needs to be considered, which is what this article is all about – staying safe. These are basic safety tips that can be used without killing the mood so-to-speak.

YouTube is a great place for finding out information on almost any subject going, so I was surprised at the limitation of videos on the matter due to its seriousness. Police Scotland seem to be ahead of the again with this great video on festival safety.



Below are some essential tips, if you do want further information then check out this other great festival personal safety guide.

You Are Among Strangers

It’s very healthy to get out and meet new people, but that doesn’t mean you should trust them right off the bat. With a festival this is especially true because the setting is fairly comfortable. Everyone is there to have a good time, so why not be a little more relaxed? The truth is that festivals are noisy and busy, two factors that can drown out any cry for help. If you meet somebody there for the first time, keep your distance and your guard up.

Make It A Group Event

Festivals don’t happen every day and it’s not really something you want to enjoy alone, so why not make it a group event? Within a group you’ll be much safer, but only if you stick close to it. If at all possible, don’t walk around alone.

Pay Attention

It only takes one or two seconds to spike a drink, and it only takes one scuffle for a mass fight to erupt. For reasons such as these, you should always pay attention to your surroundings. This means never leaving your drink where you can’t keep an eye on it. It also means you should avoid crowds that show aggression. If you don’t feel comfortable in a spot then move, but don’t ignore your sixth sense.  Women tend to be the main target when it comes to spiking a drink, you can find further safety tips specifically for women at a festival right here.

Keep Your Phone Handy

Technology can be blamed for many social problems, but when it comes to safety they are very powerful. Make sure your phone is charged and ready to be used when the moment calls for it. You can find further tips on how to keep your belongings safe right here.

Stay Sober

The temptation to drink a little more and exploring with substances are natural parts of a festival atmosphere. But at the same time they put you in a compromised position because you won’t be able to react the way you should. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy yourself, but practice caution at all times. Never think something bad can’t happen to you.

Leave Valuable Items At Home

The last thing you want to do is worry about valuable items you may have with you during the concert. If it’s not something you actually need then leave it behind in a safe place. You also don’t want to be marked as the person with something worth stealing.

Carry A Personal Safety Alarm

There are many devices on the market aimed at enhancing personal safety, and they aren’t very expensive. Consider investing in one if you really want to keep yourself out of harm’s way. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.