Tips And Tricks To Healthy Eating At Festivals

What is it about festivals that have us so hooked? Surely it’s not the mud-clad camping sites, the serious lack of shower facilities, and well, we’re not even going to get into the toilet situation! Endless queuing, unappetizing junk food and a good share of aggravating party-goers are likely also not ranking very high on your list.

Why is it then, that despite the negatives, we find ourselves returning to festivals year in year out? Perhaps it’s that sense of freedom and acceptance that seems to reign in the festival grounds. Then again it may be the feeling of utter inspiration, the taste of the adrenaline-filled atmosphere and a hint of feeling truly at one with music, nature and the world.

For many of us though, as our planned festival trip approaches, our thoughts turn to a challenging matter. How on earth is it possible to stay healthy at a festival when you are camping? Actually, it’s a whole lot easier than you may initially think!

eating healthy at festivals

Here come a few simple tips and tricks for re-fueling your body with foods that are good for your health and well-being during your next epic festival vacation:

Stock Up On Organic Fruit Juices

A wonderful liquid snack for anytime of day (or night), downing a bottle of delicious organic fruit juice will give your system a thorough vitamin hit. Jam packed with nutrients, be sure to stock up on these bottles and carry a few with you during the day.

Dried Fruits – For The Sweet Craving That We All Get At Festivals

All that energy and excitement often has even non-sweet-loving festival goers hunting for the nearest sweet junk food stall. That’s where dried fruit plays its role perfectly. Not only will a handful settle your sweet tooth, but they also top up your natural energy levels, leaving you ready to hit the next festival tent.

Cooler Boxes Are Crucial

Do you know how much raw fruit and vegetables you can cram into a family size cooler box? Speaking from experience, the answer is, ‘plenty’! Don’t worry, you don’t need to bring all of those vegetables that you just can’t stand, festivals are after all about enjoying yourself!

So choose fruit and vegetables that are treats for you in your day to day life. Watermelons, grapes, strawberries, avocados; a delicious snack for a mid-morning, or when the ‘afternoon munchies’, come on!

Bulk Up On Breakfast

Waking up in the morning and wondering what festival thrills and excitement are in store for the day can soon have you up and away without giving a thought to making breakfast; always a bad move! You’ll find yourself ravenous mid-morning and heading for the nearest junk food stall you clamp your eyes on.

Instead, stock up on a healthy breakfast. Soaking oats overnight in almond milk makes for a delicious and easy breakfast idea.

So there you have it my fellow festival-lover! Going to a festival doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to a diet of junk food and empty calories. And you can find some more great ideas on what to eat when you are camping at festivals just here.  By preparing in advance, bringing plenty of fruit juices, dried fruits, nuts and of course great breakfast items, all you’ll have left to do is make amazing festival memories!

Festivals are also a great place to get help for and find out more about various health conditions. Check out our page here for more info.