Have Fun, Be Safe at Festivals!

I love a festival, big or small, in the UK or Europe or further afield (though I can only claim to be one further afield). However, I have also been a victim of theft at a Festival and, although I was lucky to have good friends who helped me out with money throughout the rest of the festival it did lower my spirits (and the amount of spirits I drank!).

Probably most, if not all of us, have had something ‘not so good’ happen at a festival, or know someone who has been in this position. One moment happily singing along to our favourite song and the next….

I was lucky, it was just some money after all but unfortunately, although we all tend to think of festivals as a place of fun and harmony, lots of not so harmonious and nice stuff does go on down.

Since this happened to me, I have picked up lots of tips from others, whether it be passing strangers or my wider network of social media friends. Plus I have done a little bit of research myself. So this website is about sharing those safety tips and useful links with others. A lot of it common sense, but sometimes we need to be reminded of common sense! Especially when our minds are just focussed on fun, music and frolics be it sunshine or rain!

I also started noticing how there were a lot of awareness raising campaigns at festivals, and not just on personal safety, but health issues and charitable causes.  Festivals are places for having fun ultimately but they are also a good place to learn a thing or two or get help too. Often our favourite band will write a song to raise awareness about a particular health issue or charitable cause and often there is a variety of information stands and activities covering a wide range of health and well-being issues.

So I hope you find my articles helpful. As my Mum always said to me, have fun be safe! To get you in the mood, here is a video of one of my favourite festivals!


As well as tips on keeping safe, please check out our page on how to eat healthy at festivals. We also have information about campaigning for health and well-being at festivals, if you don’t want to campaign yourself you may want to take some time out to check the health and well-being information stalls, you never know what you may find out!